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On Reselling:  

I heard that no one is allowed to sell vacation certificates.  So why do you let us sell yours?  

- This is a statement you may hear from an incentive company who is still operating under the old "breakage model" of certificates.  In laymans terms, this means they won't let you sell the cert, because it's very difficult to use and likely won't be fulfilled.  Once your customer asks you for a refund, you'll be asking them for a refund!  To avoid this, they simply don't let you sell them.  We don't have this restriction because all of our certs are OURS alone, created and fulfilled in house.  We operate on a booking model, which means the more guests we book, the better price we get from hotels!  It's in our best interest to get the best price and to book guests, so the cycle works to benefit everyone - even you as the seller!  

How should I price the incentives?

- We get asked this a lot!  There really is no "right" way to price incentives, because it depends on your business model.  For example, if you want to sell 500-1000 at a time to a business, you'll want to offer them for between $1-$20 each to encourage large purchases.  If you're selling to individuals, $1=20 is too low.  You'd want to stay between $30-100.   What we usually recommend for beginners and pros alike is bundling.  By offering multiple packages at once,  or offering all the incentives as a membership, you give the customer a much higher value at a price that is beneficial for you too.

One special recommendation we suggest is to decide how much realistic extra income you'd like to make a month.  Let's say it's $500.  If you need $500 a month, you can work backwards and decide if you want to sell 5 incentives for $100 each, or 10 incentives for $50 each.  If you bundle 3 trips together for $100 however, you'll get more buyers by offering higher value - and getting the amount you want.  

Do I need some sort of travel agent license?

- Nope!  No special license is needed for several reasons.  First, you are not doing any booking for customers.  Our team handles 100% of all travel related services.  Secondly, all you are technically offering is the chance to use an incentive.  A customer must still decide whether to use it, which they will do when they redeem their voucher at our website.  We are fully licensed to handle all customer care.

On The Website  

What does the website look like?  CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW IT!

- The site we give you looks almost exactly like this one!  Of course, our company name and phone number are removed!  Your site will be delivered within 24 business hours of signing up, and will come complete with all the pages & info you see here, making your business look professional and together from day one!  

I have little to no website editing skills.  Do I have to edit it?  

- If you're concerned about it, there is no need to edit the site or make it complicated.  We would only recommend adding your own contact information to it to ensure customers can get in touch when they need to!  

To be clear though, you don't need to know anything fancy to change your site!  There is no coding or html knowledge needed.  The site can be edited with simple functions like copy/paste or drag & drop.  If you can use Facebook, Instagram, and Power Point, you'll be an expert in no time.  We've also taken the liberty of providing video tutorials if you want to get fancy!

I have skills and I really want to customize the website!  How far can I go in editing?

- You can change literally every single thing on the website if you want.  Delete or hide pages, or create new ones.  Add a blog, connect it to your Facebook, add music, photo slideshows, promote your other businesses.  Add live chat, change the layout, all the text - it is yours to do whatever you like!  

How will customers buy from my website?

- When you sign up, we'll give you access to a members only section where you will get inside info on this!  But since you're here, we'll tell you!  It's as easy as creating a "Buy Now" button through PayPal or your merchant account.  Video tutorials on how to do this are everywhere, and it's very simple to do.  

Decide what to sell and the price.  PayPal or your merchant have a specific place for you to do this.  Once you set the details, you'll click "Create".  Simply copy the information shown to you and paste in into your website.  Your button will appear like magic, and every time a customer clicks it, 100% of that money goes directly to you into your account!  It's super easy.

On Customer Service  

What happens when a customer buys from me?

- This is our favorite part!  Once your customer buys from you,  you'll be notified via email from your merchant or PayPal.  Now just send your customers a short email - you can set it up to happen automatically or send to each customer individually.  Something simple like, "Thanks for buying!  To use your offer(s), visit!  Use this special ID Code to redeem your offer and an agent will contact you shortly!"   Once your customer redeems the offer, our agents take over!  We provide you with a special ID Code you can share with your customers in order to redeem, or you can request a custom one if you like.


Do I have to book any travel?  

- Never!  We handle it all.  If a customer wants a quote, tell them the fastest way to get one is to redeem their offer!

Will my customers be able to see where I get my incentives from once they start booking?

- With clients like Geico and Bank of America, privacy is a big deal.  Your customers will NEVER hear the company name Vacation Incentives Unlimited.  Our entire support team is under the same roof, but operates under a different name, email and phone number, so that your guests will not be able to connect our company with their travel experience. We want your customers to buy from YOU, so they will not be led back to us at any time.

On Savings

I hear the words "Best Price" everywhere - what does that mean to you?

- As a wholesaler, we get our inventory from the same places that Expedia, Priceline, & all the other sites do.  But as a wholesaler, we cannot and do not mark it up.  This means your customers will practically never be able to find the rates we offer anywhere online, no matter where they go.  On some occassions, such as booking last minute, or requesting a particular property that is already very full - the savings we are offered may not be as high as we'd prefer.  In such cases, we offer the customer the option to book with us or to use the offer another time at their leisure.  We do allwe can to ensure the customer is happy with our service.


How much will my customers pay when they travel?  

- Each voucher has an average amount that a guest can expect to pay when booking.  The amounts are clearly listed on the page where they redeem their voucher, so there is no surprise.  However, because some factors can alter fees, such as holiday dates, adding an extra day, requesting a dog friendly beach front condo for 8 people, etc - your customer will always be presented with multiple options to choose from.  Guests are never pressured to book any property and must approve all their details before anything is finalized.  Generally speaking, the higher the hotel quality, the higher the savings - so guests are quite content!

Are reservations changeable?

- Every quote sent to a customer includes verbiage regarding reservation changes or cancellations.  Because we are pulling inventory at cost directly from the hotels corporate database, once a reservation is finalized, it is generally not changeable.  We ask customers to assume that all reservations are not changeable for any reason once finalized.  On the rare occasions the hotel does allow for a change, a fee may be applied.  We cannot control the fees nor the cancellation policies. Remember customers are always given multiple options and are under no obligation to book right away unless they are happy with all details.

On Making Money

I have little experience in running a business - what do you recommend?

- If you're new to running your own online business, we'd recommend keeping things simple!  Don't worry about changing the site too much - a lot of money has gone into the wording and design, it will work fine as is.  Stay local:  Offer friends and family a free vacation incentive in exchange for introducing your business to their boss or company.  Use Facebook or Instagram to invite people to explore your new business and watch it grow! Don't forget that the website we give you has some SEO & marketing tools available as well!


I want to go BIG and start making money!  How should I proceed? 

- If you've got some experience, you've probably already got some ideas on how to make it work for you!  Remember that even with experience, a new business takes some trial & error to get flowing!  Some of our highest volume resellers advertise on television and radio, use outdoor sales teams or indoor telemarketing to sell their offers!  Don't forget that the website we give you has some SEO & marketing tools available as well!

Am I really able to sell for any amount?

- Yes!  Decide how much money you want to make and set up pricing that meets your needs. 

What sort of refund policy should I have?

- Refunds are typically not a big concern for resellers, especially if you sell in bundles or sell memberships.  Offering a high value for a fair price results in very few customer concerns.  Remember it may take a short while for customers to be able to trust you as a new business (although our website will make you look very established and professional!) so make sure you reply to customer emails and phone calls while you're getting started to build trust!

Instead of offering refunds, some resellers have an exchange or a "trade up" policy in place, which costs them nothing but makes the customer happy.  This policy states that if a customer is unhappy for ANY reason, they can exchange the voucher for ANY other offer, or get a 2nd offer of their choice for free.  It doesn't cost you anything to send the customer a new voucher, and you get to keep the money from the original sale.   Bottom line, refund policy is up to you.

On Travel

Can I use these myself?  How often?

- Our members are VERY fond of using the deals themselves when traveling!  There are NO LIMITS on how many you use or how often.  There are no blackout dates, you can use offers back to back, and with our newest addition, even book yourself online anytime!


How much can I save? 

- Your savings will be different from everyone else's because everyone's travel details vary a great deal.  We've seen customers save anywhere between $40 and $6000 - it just depends on your needs!  Your agent's quote will show the full rate, including taxes & fees for each hotel presented, so there will be no surprises at check in.  

Where will I stay?  Can I request a particular hotel?

- Yes!  We have the same inventory as all the major travel sites, so hotel options are never a concern as we work with all major brands.  If you want to request a particular property, your agent will include that hotel among others to present to you.  Keep in mind though, that if you don't request anything, your agent is trained to look for hotels that are offering the highest quality for the best savings.  The hotel you want might not be offering both of those things at the same time, so we advise that you stay open to other options when possible! 

Where can I travel to?

- We have offers that are valid worldwide.  If there's a hotel in the location you want, getting that location is no problem.  We book couples, families and groups on all continents, all the time.  Your request will not be something we haven't heard before!   

Frequently Asked Questions