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Business Customer Testimonials

Reseller Testimonials

Vacation Incentives Unlimited offers a true flat-rate model. Having a fixed marketing cost provides us an attractive tool at a very low price.  Because we use so many incentives for customers and employees, it helps us a great deal to have found such an easy solution.  

We used to pay over $10 per incentive and provided hours of customer support.  Now, for our specialty programs, we just pay the annual fee and get access to all the offers, with none of the work.  It's tremendous, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

​​​​- Michael Harrison, American Express Marketing

The Southeast chapter of the American Heart Association needed an incentive gift that would boost walk-a-thon pledge collections to over $1,000.00 per participant. 

When a volunteer walk-a-thon participant collects $500 in donations, they receive a vacation or cruise certificate. When they collect $1,000 in donations they receive an 8 day 7 night AND a cruise certificate. The American Heart Association absorbed the cost of activation and the recipient was only responsible for the fees.

The American Heart Association has run this program continuously since June of 2004 with the results exceeding original expectations. We are pleased and honored to use incentives like these.

Mindy Kummings

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you have made a "believer" out of me with the vacation packages.  We started slowly with the packages to see how they fit in with our other compensation and reward programs for our employees.

As we are finishing a very successful fiscal year, however, I am finding that this particular product does a great job rewarding people who have really stepped up to the table.

It is something different and allows the employee to share the reward with his or her family. We have surprised the winners and they are truly impressed with the packages!"

Carole Williams

Sysco Branch Manager

We just want to express our sincere thanks for the great trip packages we have received. We have used these trips as sales incentives for both employees and customers.

Everyone who has taken the trips has really enjoyed themselves and can't say enough good things about their trip. We have seen tremendous sales increases by using these trips as incentives, and have seen great benefits as far as improved customer service.

These trips are a great value for the price and we will continue to purchase them for incentives in the coming years.

Armando Alvarez  

Franchise Owner, Napa Auto Parts

What a boost!  I must say that these vacation certificates have been the best and most efficient way of increasing business and visits to my site. It has produced wonderful results almost instantly!

A lot of times other promotional offers take some time to work, but as soon as I placed this offer on my site my business increased immediately and it caused my visitors to tell other people about it and so on.

The certificates also encourage more referrals that keep building. The fact that they so affordable is just an instant selling point to any customers you are targeting.  Amazing work team! 

Sandra Robertson

Work At Home Careers

These vacations are a closing machine! Our sales reps had a rough time getting people to agree to even talk to them about refinancing their home when the economy crashed. Now all we have to do is offer them a bonus vacation offer just for being at home when our reps show up!

Now our customers show up, sign up, & it almost seems they whip out their wallets! This has been the most profitable example of how to close without high pressure, & to get max results from giving the client something first, before asking them for something later!  Reciprocity works and it's all thanks to you!

Chris Schmidt

Refi Now Incorporated

Wow! I can't believe the results I got from this program! Your incentive program sells itself and with such an impressive commission structure (100% profits?!) that I am utilizing to the fullest! I am totally supplementing my full time income!

I have to work from home due to an injury, but I hated having to read through pages and pages of online "resell" opportunities of junk like ebooks & cd's, I was so glad to find this site! I now make over $3000 from home on autopilot due to re-orders that renew every month. This has been amazing..."

Lee Ann Boyd

I started to market these to my family members to help raise money for a car. When I posted them on Facebook to reach my friends I never imagined the response I would get! Lots of people kept sharing my links & so I started creating funny ads and photos to go along with them to keep up momentum!

​​Now I have a car and am using these to save for college! This is been the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me, I'm so glad I joined! :)

​​Gina A

High School Senior

I saw the value in this model & got the full rights to every package immediately! I have to say I have turned this into my own cash cow!

​​I actually GIVE MY VOUCHERS AWAY for free to people for signing up for our monthly company newsletter - but our newsletter invites them to try products free for a short time & then buy them!

​​With 500 newsletters going out of at least 23 branches, we're generating an additional $4600 from customers who began a free trial! This is a GOOD thing!

Brylan Rice

CEO My Lists

We have been very impressed by your company's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a value that perfectly symbolizes our vision.  

We were able to customize everything we needed to convey the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the international travel department of our company.  The value your travel packages bring to the table has been absolutely instrumental in our growth, no doubt.

Spencer Lee

I sold my first incentives for just $5 each. But I sold them in sets of 50. Every sale was worth $250. I began to market to larger businesses, who started to buy them in sets of 1000 at a time for a $5000 profit.

Right now I'm working with 24 Ford Dealership branch offices ordering a minimum of $5000 worth of incentives every month. ​​ I'm making over $120,000.00 a month because of it.  This has changed my life to say the least!

Jeremy Richter

I've been in network marketing forever. I began to recruit college kids to resell incentives for themselves - and charged them just $99 for a whole year's worth of access. I made $99 up front and gave each recruit the chance to make a ton of money for themselves.

 I send each new sign up ONE email. I do NO customer service and NO booking. VIU handles it all.  At last count, I've got over 865​​ recruits signed up through my website. (That's $86,500 for you math majors!) And counting!

Scott Carpenter

I actually don't even sell the incentives. I run a salon.  I wanted a new way to attract clients, so I created a "Wedding Day" spa package for brides and bridesmaids. I charges full price for every item on the spa and salon package.  But I give the bride-to-be a honeymoon of her choice! My customers get to choose if they want to enjoy a 4 day All Inclusive Resort, a 5 day Hawaii trip, or a Luxury Resort week!

The interest that has come from word of mouth referrals has doubled my wedding clientele. Why go anywhere else to get pampered for your special day - when you can also get a honeymoon out of it?!  This has been a major boost to my business and all my girlfriends are jealous that I thought of it first!

Shondra Watkins

I have 3 kids at home, one with special needs, a husband who works all day, and we were struggling to pay the bills.  A perfect cliche. Since I've got a background in teaching, (and raising kids) I decided to see how I could help other moms.  I created a blog and got some free business cards from VistaPrint and began to write. I wrote about the first trip I took using the incentives - how affordable it was, how it brought my family closer together, helped us enjoy life just a little bit more - and not much happened.  Sales were slow.

I started watching some YouTube videos on marketing, and decided Facebook would be the first avenue for me to try. I created a Facebook advertisement, and began to run it in different cities. After a few weeks, my blog views and sales really picked up!  I added more and more content and everything blossomed!

My sales today are approximately 14 a week. Moms who sign up pay just $99 for a bundle of trips. This gives me $1386 extra dollars each week to help our family.  It's been 6 months now & doing great!  

Georgeanne McCullough

I target timeshare owners as my customers. People who have owned, or still own, a set property that they paid thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars for ALWAYS have problems with using it.  So my pitch is simple.

"You paid $10,000 for this one property, and get to use it once every year for one week, right?​​​​ Well our membership will let you use UNLIMITED weeks for enormous discounts worldwide - you won't be stuck with just one property. Not only that, you can share it with your friends and family too! It's only $1000 to sign up, and $99 yearly maintenance fee for the account."

I get $1000 ​​up front for every sale, and $99 every year they remain a customer. I give them access to all the vacation incentives available.  It works VERY well.  I now have 12 reps, who all make about 4 sales a day.

​​That's $48,00 a day that we bring in as a small company, and we're still growing!

Ben Riley

Hi Matt, I wanted to thank you for writing your own experience. This has been an amazing journey and I just can't say enough about this program. I wanted to leave this testimonial for you to add to your page so all the "non-believers" can see I am a REAL person who has had real success with your program. God Bless!

Kelly Watson

(written in response to an article written by a former staff member)

My family lives in India. Vacation Incentives Unlimited made it easy for me to make $1,750 last month. That is lots of money in my country because, after the currency exchange, its more than times that amount!

I am now able to afford all of my own bills and can give money to my family for the first time ever! I joined another company before but they were a scam. You guys have excellent support and I am starting to earn without even realizing it!

Dillie Sethil

After being ripped off by another company, I was a little anxious when I joined this site.

I got all my info the day after payment and was immediately impressed with the easy to follow directions they gave.

I was a little confused about some details but when I emailed for help, they were very efficient in explaining the program to me. I have now got it down to a science and have made over $900 this past month. I couldn't be happier!

Thank you!

Denise Tarnell